ARB Air Compressor Hose Kit

Sale price$160.00

Incorporating quick couplings for quick mounting to ARB Air Compressors and Air Accessories the ARB Pump Up Kit V2 Hose for CKMTA12 12V Twin Air Compressor (171302V2) includes a quality 20ft air hose, an air accessory kit and a T-piece for inline connection of an air chuck and pressure switch.

Airing and maintaining a proper tire pressure is critical, and now you can get back on the trails more quickly with the durable and user-friendly Pump Up Kit V2 featuring a high-temperature air hose and accessories. The high-quality internal structure of the air hose prevents kinking and unwanted bending during use. The quick-connect air coupling ensures air leaks are a thing of the past and includes a dust cap that keeps dirt and moisture out. Tire inflation is a breeze with the quick-connect inflator chuck that securely grips the tire valve preventing leaks and the need to hold it in place. Simply click it on and let it do the work.

Kit Contains: 

  • High Temperature Hose
  • Quick-Connect Air Coupling with Dust Cap
  • Quick-Connect Tire Inflation Chuck
  • T-Piece Adapter
  • Tire Bead Seating Fitting
  • Inflation Accessory Kit


  • High-temperature air hose with US standard fittings. Rated to 150 psi
  • High-quality internal hose structure prevents kinking and unwanted bending during use
  • Hose is 23 feet in length allowing for use with larger vehicles
  • Quick-connect Air Coupling includes a dust cap
  • Quick-connect Tire Inflation Chuck features easy on off release handle
  • Additional fittings for inflating air mattresses, toys, and other inflatables
  • T-piece adapter for connection to CKMA12/24 ARB Single Compressors
  • Manifold Kit is recommended for use with CKMTA12/24 ARB Twin Compressors