Factor 55 Hawse Fairlead 1"

Sale price$164.95
Factor 55 Hawse Fairleads are the best in the business. They’re CNC machined from thick USA 6000-series aluminum bar and thicker than the industry-standard 0.75” size to extend rope life. Additionally, the slot opening is taller to allow larger ½” tube thimbles to pass through. All Factor 55 Fairleads are coated with a durable MIL-A-8625F TYPE III gunmetal gray hard-anodized finish with a laser-engraved logo. That finish is not a cosmetic choice; the hard coating resists abrasion, damage from extreme side pulls, and is one of the top-five hardest materials known to exist. Plus the low friction coefficient means less wear and tear on your rope.

Please note, mounting hardware is not included. Depending on your vehicle, bumper, and fairlead mounting thicknesses the shank length of the bolts may need to be longer or shorter to prevent the bolts from contacting the body of your winch. In most cases, the mounting bolts that are supplied by your winch manufacturer are adequate in strength and length. In some cases, longer bolts are required and 3/8″ Grade 5-Grade 8 bolts in 1.25-1.5″ shank length is a good starting point for fitment. 7/16″ bolts may also be used. Contact customer service for specific questions.

  • CNC machined construction from 6000-series aluminum bar
  • 1.0” and 1.5” thicknesses are bigger than the industry average 0.75” for less wear on rope
  • Large-radius opening provides longer service life for synthetic rope
  • Tall opening lets tube thimbles of up to ½” pass through
  • Durable MIL-A-8625F TYPE III gunmetal hard anodized finish is exceptionally hard; provides low friction coefficient to extent rope life
  • For synthetic rope only
  • Mounting hardware not included
  • Made in the USA

Warning: Always confirm that the synthetic rope cannot make contact to any sharp edges like the opening in the steel fairlead mounting plate or bumper opening. In some cases it may be required to grind this slot larger. Always sand and deburr this opening after any grinding operation.