STKR Concepts FLi Over-Lander 10' Telescoping Light with Wireless Remote

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The FLi OVER-LANDER is an effective way to easily light up large areas from 10 feet in the air. Use the FLi OVER-LANDER Telescoping Area Light for camping, working around the house, late nights in the backyard, garage projects, and more. 

Area Lighting From 2 feet to 10 feet (and Everywhere In-between)

Each extension of the pole uses a tight friction fit to lock in place independently from 25 inches to 10 feet, allowing the user to select the exact height that works best for their situation.

External Device Charging Port

The FLi OVER-LANDER is fueled by an extraordinarily large 14,000mAh capacity battery pack, making this high-achieving light not only a full area lighting solution, but also a mobile power bank! Charge the OVER-LANDER with the quick charging USB-C input or rejuvenate your cell phone and other rechargeable equipment with the USB-A charging port.

Tallest and Brightest FLi Yet

Extending to an impressive 10 feet, and emitting 2,600 True Lumens, the FLi OVER-LANDER is the tallest and most powerful telescoping area light in the STKR extendable light pole series. This powerhouse features a 360° flood light that fires a ring of high-intensity LEDs from a height of up to 10 feet when the pole is fully extended.

Wireless Remote Control

For easy operation once mounted, the light comes with a wireless remote control, allowing users to control all light functions from a distance. The Remote Control is conveniently stored magnetically under the tripod.

  • Control light up to 50' (15.2m)
  • Independently control each light mode
  • Magnetically attaches to base of tripod
  • Glow-in-the-dark buttons
  • Control multiple lights at the same time
    Stake-Ready, Sturdy Tripod

    The pole is held steady by a lightweight tripod with a wide footprint. An aluminum lock ring holds the tripod in place, while the rubber feet aid in stability and protect the surface the OVER-LANDER is placed on. Each leg of the tripod also offers a hole for a ground spike (not included) for additional stability in high wind or unstable conditions.

    Lightweight + Compact Design

    The 10 ft telescoping pole is constructed of reinforced fiberglass making the FLi OVER-LANDER both extremely lightweight and ruggedly durable. Weighing in at just a hair over 4 lbs., and collapsing down to only 25 inches, the FLi OVER-LANDER is designed for easy pack and transport.

    Red Light Mode

    For situations that require low light, the blinding 2,600 lumens can be dialed back, dimming light output and simultaneously conserving battery life. Turn to red mode to reduce eye dilation and preserve the user’s natural “night vision”, or switch to flashing hazard mode for emergency situations. All of these functions can be controlled at the base of the unit, or with the magnetic wireless remote.

    Battery Level Indicator

    The power button is surrounded by 4 blue LEDs that are a battery-level indicator. Know how much power you have left each time the light is turned on/off, and while charging as well.


    The FLi OVER-LANDER is powered by a massive battery array of seven 18650 lithium-ion cells creating an enormous 14,000mAh capacity. It will power the LEDs up to 2600 Total True Lumens. The power can be dialed back by dimming any feature to lower the light output, while simultaneously preserving battery power. When it is time to recharge, utilize the quick charging USB-C port.


    • Up to 2600 True Lumens
    • 360° COB flood LEDs
    • Red flood LEDs to preserve night vision
    • Wireless Remote Control up to 50' (15.2m)
    • Fully adjustable brightness setting 0-100%
    • USB-C rechargeable
    • Ability to charge other devices via USB
    • 14,000mAh Li-ion battery pack included
    • Weather resistant
    • Lightweight at only 4lb 6oz (1.98kg)


    • Total Lumens: 2600 Total True Lumens
    • White Light: 
      • 2600 lumens, White COB LEDs
      • Beam Distance: 100' (30m) max
      • Color Temperature: 5400K (daylight white)
    • Red Light:  Red SMD LEDs
    • Runtime: High 6 hours / Low 72 hours
    • Battery: 14,000 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable pack (7ea 18650 cells)
    • Power Button: 
      • Press to turn ON
      • Press to change mode
      • Press & HOLD to increase/decrease brightness (light blinks to indicate minimum or maximum brightness level)
      • After 5 seconds of no mode change, the next button press is OFF
    • Modes: 
      • 1. Flood Light (dimmable)
      • 2. Red Flood Light (dimmable)
      • 3. Flashing White Hazard Light
      • 4. Flashing Red Hazard Light
      • 5. Off
    • FLi OVER-LANDER remembers the last mode used after turning off and will return to that mode/brightness level when powered back on.
    • Battery Level Indicator:  indicated by 4 blue LEDs surrounding the power button. (1 blue LED) 0-9% (2 blue LEDs) 10-24% (3 blue LEDs) 25-59% (4 blue LEDs) 60-100%
    • Charging: 
      • via USB-C Port
      • 4 blue battery indicator LEDs flash through each stage of charge as referenced above
      • All 4 stay lit when 100% charge is achieved
    • Power Output: 
      • via USB-A Port
      • The base of the light can be used as a power bank to charge devices such as cell phones.
      • Output Volts: 5V
      • Output Amps: 2A
    • Materials:
      • Aluminum light housing
      • Aluminum and Steel tripod
      • ABS plastic body battery case and remote
      • Durable acrylic lens
      • Fiberglass rods
      • Neodymium magnet in remote
    • Durability: 
      • IP54 Weatherproof
      • Indoor/Outdoor use
      • 1m Impact Resistance
    • Dimensions:
      • Extended: 120” x 24” x 27” (304.8cm x 61cm x 68.5cm)
      • Collapsed: 25.5” x 3" x 3" (63.5 x 7.6cm x 7.6cm)
      • Remote: 0.875" x 1.5" x 1.5" (2.2cm x 3.8cm x 3.8cm)
      • Weight: 4lb 6oz (1.98kg)
    • Designed in the USA
    • Patent Pending
    • 1-year warranty