FRG Collapsible Water/Rope Bucket 12L

Color: Fire Bucket Red
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Introducing the Freedom Recovery Gear Rope Bucket. Great for grabbing water to put out a fire or store a dirty muddy rope after a recovery....It is motivated by countless wheeling trips where the Freedom Recovery Gear team has come across burning or smoldering abandoned campfires. How often has this happened to you? This collapsible bucket will store just about anywhere because its soft and pliable and weighs less than a can of pop. Grab it at a moment’s notice and scoop out of a mud puddle creek or any water source.

Made out of the same 500 weight fiber reinforced PVC fabric that we use in our gear bags, only this seam sealed marvel holds up to 12L (3 gallon) of liquid. This collapsible bucket can tuck just about anywhere with its 22.5cm x 4cm (10” x1.5”) collapsed size. And with a weight about the same as a can of pop.

To make it more functional we’ve included a friction fit lid with snaps on one side so you can store a dirty winch or recovery rope in after a muddy or wet recovery.