Front Runner Camp Kitchen Storage Bag

Sale price$30.00

Create an organized and compact travel kitchen suited for any adventure. The Front Runner Camp Kitchen Storage Bag is designed to store a 4-person utensil set in a tool-style roll.


  • Neatly arranges and displays all contents at a single glance.
  • The Camp Kitchen Storage Bag stores a 4-person utensil set.
  • Designed as a custom tool-style roll with flap.
  • Features loops with carabiners so the opened roll and utensils can be hung for quick and easy access.
  • Includes adjustable straps and buckles and carrying handles.
  • Sleeves are designed to secure:
    • 4 x serrated knifes
    • 4 x steak forks
    • 4 x dessert spoons
    • 4 x teaspoons
    • 1 x chopping board
    • 1 x paring knife
    • 1 x bread knife
    • 1 x carving knife
    • 1 x serving spoon
    • 1 x spatula
    • 1 x BBQ/campfire fork
    • 1 x bottle opener and corkscrew


  • Consist of: 1 x Camp Kitchen Storage Bag
  • Materials used: Black Polyester 600d pu, with foam lining
  • Product Dimensions:
    • Closed: 440mm (17.3") L x 220mm (8.7") W x 40mm (1.6") H
    • Opened: 770mm (30.3") L x 560mm (22.1") W x 20mm (0.8") H
  • Weight: 500g (17.6oz)