Mob Armor MobNetic Go

Sale price$44.99

The MobNetic Go features a smooth aluminum spindle contoured for any set of hands. The dual magnets provide a mounting solution for any ferrous surface. Mounting a handheld device or tool is simple with the included steel plate and disc.


Allows you to use thedouble-sided magnetic pop-socket stand to mount to any phone (with an included metal plate) to any metal surface or mounting disc. Take it with you anywhere and use it to comfortably hold your phone in your hand.

Powerful Magnets

Made with strong rare-earth magnets that exert 90 pounds of pull force, but will not damage your smartphone or other device. Double-sided magnetic mount is separated by an aircraft-grade aluminum spindle that is easy to handle.

Use It Anywhere

The magnet will attach to any surface made from iron, steel, nickel, or several other metals, so you can mount it on a variety of metal structures and objects - anywhere a magnet will stick! Also includes an adhesive disc and shield plate, for use with non-metal dashboards and other surfaces.

Never Forget Your Phone

Keeping your phone in a designated spot helps you stay clean and organized by reducing clutter. Your phone will stay in place while you drive or work, so you'll have it on hand and know right where to look for it.