RotopaX LOX Pack Mount

Sale price$104.99

LOX Locking Pack Mount. RotopaX locking pack mount provides secure mountability of all RotopaX containers. Simply mount to any flat surface, place container on mount, align with container "dimples," and turn until tight. The unique DLX handle design gives more turning power to keep containers tight against mounting surfaces. Lock your RotopaX fuel pack or storage box. Unique design provides extra tightening power for ultimate security.

Please note: Sometimes the actual lock can get stuck if exposed to weather and elements. This is not unique to this product - most metal materials will rust when outside. They recommend an occasional spray with graphite or other spray lubricant (PB Blaster works great) into the lock to prevent it from rusting. (RotopaX does not carry spare keys. They recommend storing one of the 2 included keys in a safe place.) If you are using this mount with an extension, it will defeat the purpose of the locking capability. The Locking Mount does not work with FuelpaX Containers. Comes with a 1-year warranty.


Dimensions: 4" x 1" x 3 3/4"