Rough Country Multifunctional Portable Power Station 500W

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Portable Power. Introducing the Rough Country 500-Watt Power Station - the ultimate solution for all your power needs when you're outdoors! This multifunctional power generator is perfect for charging electronic devices like phones, laptops, portable refrigerators, and even emergency equipment. It can be used in almost any outdoor activity, including camping, overlanding, hunting, and fishing. And in an emergency, it can even serve as a backup power source at home during a blackout.

Compact and Easy to Use. Using the Rough Country 500-Watt Power Station features an easy-to-read LED display and comes with multiple outputs, allowing you to charge different devices simultaneously. You can fully recharge the generator using an AC outlet, car outlet, or solar panel. And since it doesn't require gasoline, it's safe to operate inside a house, tent, or car. Built to last, this power station boasts a 500W AC power output and high-quality lithium batteries, providing ample power whenever and wherever you need it.

Multifunctional Power Generator
Power: 500W AC Output.
Capacity: 520Wh / 140400mAh /3.7V.
Built-in battery: High quality Lithium Batteries.
Input Recharging: DC15V/6.0A.
USB output:  2 x USB 5V/3.1A | 1 x USB 5V~9V/2A Qualcomm QuickCharge™ QC3.0 | 1 x USB-C 5~9V/2A Qualcomm QuickCharge™ QC3.0
Charging Time: DC:8-9 hours for full charge.
AC Output: 110/230V 50Hz/60Hz.
AC Power: AC continuous power output 500W. (Max power output 1000W)
Operating temperature range: -10°C~40°C.
DC output: 4 x DC 12V/10A.
Power supply for various electronic devices: Phone, Laptop, Camera, Portable Refrigerator, Emergency equipment and more.