Timbren 3500 lb HD Axle-Less Trailer Suspension w/ 4" Lift

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The 3500 series Axle-Less trailer suspension is not only durable but also provides a ride that’s so smooth you’ll forget you’re pulling a trailer. And because there’s no thru axle, you never need to worry about ordering the correct axle dimensions!

This 3500 lb Axle-less trailer suspension comes with outboard arms equipped with 4” lift and our standard length spindles for use with standard-width tires 225/75R15 or smaller. A brake flange is included for optional use with brakes.

If you’re planning to take your trailer off-road and/or use tires bigger than 225/75R15, we recommend you choose the 3500 lb HD line of suspensions.

Due to higher than anticipated volumes we're currently experiencing a 2 to 3 week lead time.

The genius of the Axle-Less trailer suspension has more to do with what is not there than what is:

  • Less hassle! Experience fewer limitations by gaining more ground clearance.
  • Less time! You can retrofit any light-duty trailer without waiting for an axle that fits.
  • Less road shock! You will maintain the smoothest ride with or without a load.
  • Less danger! An independent suspension gives you better control of your trailer.

The Axle-Less suspension gives you more creative freedom. Now you have more options to design and build your trailer.

Shims are also supplied giving you the option to adjust, if necessary, the suspension camber specific to your trailer frame.

Polyurethane bushings - used at the pivot point on the control arm - hold the pin firmly in place, resulting in better stability and a more controlled alignment with each moving component. They are weather-resistant and made to last longer, especially in a harsh environment.


  • 4” lift outboard arms giving you the maximum ground clearance
  • Standard spindles for use with standard-width tires 235/85R16 or smaller
  • Brake flange included for optional brakes
  • Smooth quiet ride empty & loaded
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • No thru axle


  • 3500 lb trailer suspension capacity
  • Outboard arms with 4” lift and standard spindles for tires 235/85R16 or smaller

What's Included In The Box?:

Each Axle-Less trailer suspension kit comes with both driver and passenger side to give you a full suspension.

  • 2x suspensions
  • 2x 4” lift outboard arms with spindles and brake flange
  • Grade 8 zinc coated hardware
  • 8x camber shims