Timbren Active Off-Road Bumpstops - 3rd Gen Ford F150 Raptor (Rear Kit)

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Factory bumpstops just can’t handle hard slams from off-roading. Harsh bottoming out, bone-rattling bumps, and dangerous uncontrolled handling can ruin your off-roading or overlanding trip by destroying your suspension and shocks.

But with Active Off-Road Bumpstops, you can hit the trails without taking damaging hits to your suspension.

How? These bumpstops dampen blows from bottoming out — making for a softer, safer ride over the biggest bumps, dips, and whoops.

Instead of a jarring stop when bottoming out, energy is absorbed through our Active Off-Road Bumpstops, producing smooth, quiet axle engagement. This is thanks to the progressive spring rate of our Aeon® springs.

That means reduced stress on your suspension and decreased driver fatigue. So you can explore more, comfortably and in control.

And unlike hydraulic bumpstops which require frequent servicing, Active Off-Road Bumpstops allow for DIY installation and need zero maintenance.

Key Features

  • Dampens blows from bottoming out
  • Reduces stress on suspension from off-roading
  • Decreases driver fatigue


  • 2,000 lb capacity
  • 7,000 lb bump load capacity
  • Overall kit height = 5.00”
  • Total deflected (compressed) height = 2.75”
  • Amount of deflection (compression) = 2.25”

What's Included

  • 2x Patented Aeon® bump stops
  • 2x Mounting brackets
  • 2x Steel cups
  • All necessary hardware


2021 - 2024
Ford F150 Raptor


How to Install

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