VSSL Flask Green

Sale price$145.00

The VSSL Flask features the standard 8oz carrying capacity of your average flask — but ups the ante with a SOS-capable 4-mode LED flashlight, a highly precise compass topper, and two collapsible shot glasses built right in.


This isn’t your average flask, but a best-in-class multi-purpose beverage container complete with a compass, 4-mode LED flashlight, and two stainless steel shot glasses that collapse neatly into the base of Flask.


We don’t suggest you throw your Flask off a mountain, but even if you did, it would probably come out unscathed. Built with military-grade aluminum and food-grade stainless steel, Flask is engineered to last generations to come.


To maintain the highest quality and best taste of your drink of choice, Flask’s interior chamber is lined with shatterproof, non-permeable glass.



  • 4-mode LED flashlight
  • Oil-filled precision compass
  • 2 collapsible stainless steel shot glasses
  • Cast aluminum VSSL bottle opener