VSSL Mini Utility Light

Sale price$80.00

Don’t be misled by the word “Mini”. This ultra-compact, nearly indestructible outdoor kit, complete with a 4-Mode LED light and precisions compass, packs a preparedness punch! VSSL CAMP Mini houses a weather-resistant Firestarter kit, rope & razor kit, sewing kit, and a small first aid kit. Grab it, clip it, and go adventure.


VSSL’s minimal design keeps your outdoor essentials in one ultra-portable cylinder that never compromises on quality, weight, or valuable pack space.


Every VSSL is made with waterproof, indestructible military-grade aluminum, ensuring whatever essentials you put in it stay dry and safe in any environment.


Each VSSL comes perfectly organized with high-quality, expert-curated gear that saves you time when preparing for outdoor adventure.


  • 5 waterproof Tinder Quick fire starters
  • 10 waterproof matches
  • 1 striker
  • 25 ft of marine grade rope
  • Extra-sharp razor
  • 3 needles and thread


  • 6 bandages
  • 10 3M Stern-Strips
  • 2 antiseptic wipes
  • 2 safety pins


  • 4-Mode LED Flashlight
  • Oil-filled precision compass